All Inclusive Boston Partners

The City of Boston, in partnership with CPC Communications, Proverb Agency, and the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (now Meet Boston) first launched the All Inclusive Boston campaign on April 5, 2021, with the second phase continuing throughout 2022. With the travel and hospitality sector devastated by the pandemic, this destination marketing initiative showcases Boston’s diverse tourism assets, across all Boston neighborhoods, as part of an equitable recovery initiative. All Inclusive Boston aims to reimagine how Boston is perceived locally and across the globe.

Our mission is to provide executive leadership, as well as set priorities and goals for the City and its neighborhoods.

Colette Phillips pioneered multi-cultural marketing in New England. She is widely respected and recognized for her amazing ability to build bridges and create cross-cultural and inter-racial business and social networks and connections. Colette is a master at creating positive…

BLACK GIRL DIGITAL is a Premium Integrated Influencer Marketing Agency & Platform. We develop scalable influencer campaigns designed to target Black and diverse audiences. While we specialize in booking Black female influencers, we’ve expanded to offer campaign opportunities to…

UNCOVr is a research driven media agency with a focus on collaboration and fresh thinking. We help national and local brands connect with their best prospects in a platform for learning and growth.

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Include is a black-owned Web Design and Development Agency with the sole purpose of eliminating the digital divide. We do this by helping social impact organizations use technology to uplift communities, mobilize advocates and maximize impact.

Welcome to LiveWire Collaborative, where we help you to connect to your community, drive meaningful collaborations and get you on your way to converting your tribe!


Video produced By Proverb agency. Appearances by: LonelyBones Skate Crew; Brian Moy, Shojo; Chris Duggan, Harpoon; Alanna Perry, Barre Groove; Blake Lothian; Dr. Ibram x. Kendi, Boston University; Hasisan Booth, Urbanity Dance; Irene Li, Mei Mei; Kellynette Gomez; Kinesha Goldson & Banksy; Rebecca Pachecho; Silvia Lopez Chavez; Porsha Olayiwola, City of Boston Poet Laureate