Next year, Old North Church will celebrate its 300th anniversary. The Old North is most known for the "two if by sea" lantern signals and the tale of Paul Revere's ride on the eve of the first battles of the American Revolution. However, they have three centuries of history to share. One particular focus is researching the stories of the Black and Indigenous people who worshiped at Old North in the 18th and 19th centuries. The early stages of a commissioned play is in the works; it will run three nights a week next summer. It will be a three-character production of a conversation between loyalist and patriot congregants in early 1775, with an emphasis on the intersection of personal values, religious beliefs, and civic engagement. And for those looking for the "traditional" experience, the church is open for self-guided and guided tours Tuesday-Sunday (likely 7 days a week next year). Our crypt tour is very popular with visitors, and it will be newly renovated by April 2023.