Paul Phillips




Thank you to Paul from Paul's Picks


For those who know and love Boston as a rich cultural tourism destination, you undoubtedly know Paul Phillips.  Paul has been a staple of the industry for a quarter-century, sharing his blogs, event listings, and insights with visitors and those in the visitor industry, notably hotel concierges, who directly advise guests on how to experience the best of Boston.


Paul retired from the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau (GBCVB) earlier this year and one of his great legacies is a document called “Paul’s Picks.” On a weekly basis, Paul would share a curated list of top events and experiences happening in Boston and beyond.  His weekly list reaches a vast readership and is a critical document for concierges across Boston.  The GBCVB has continued to disseminate the list because it is such an important resource. 



Ellen Silverman, President of the Greater Boston Concierge Association, refers to the Picks as “the most informative weekly informational briefing, one of the best sources to quickly provide the most up to date and accurate information to impart to our hotel guests!  There is no topic that is not covered, and the format allows for easy access to theater, sports, museums, special events and everything else that makes a concierge's life easier!”


Across the concierge network, praise for Paul is his weekly selections were plentiful.  Joe Fallon, concierge at the Fairmont Copley, describes Paul’s work in these words: “Paul Phillips is a great asset to the hospitality community. I look forward to Paul's Picks every week. It makes my job so much easier. He has been a wonderful friend to everyone here at the Fairmont Hotel including Boston's best-known ambassadors Catie, Cori and Carly Copley.” 


Nathan Goff, Head Concierge at the Boston Harbor Hotel, echoed these sentiments: “I always learn about new events, exhibits, or shows and even during these challenging times it’s still great to read what he has to share.  Thank you Paul for all your years of service to the concierge community.  We are all better because of you!”


Paul’s role as a Boston stalwart with an encyclopedic knowledge of the city and its history transcended typical working relationships.  He is a true ambassador who became a friend and mentor to many in the industry.  Ann Heimlicher from Boston Spot-Lite and “The Concierge Specialist” describes Paul as, “such a kind and gentle person.  He is such an amazing asset to the city of Boston.  His knowledge and history of Boston are astonishing.  He is patient and kind to everyone, with a passion for learning and sharing his insights.”


Adam Castiglioni, PR Director at InterContinental Boston, notes that, "Paul has been a great friend to the Greater Boston Concierge Association for a long time and we've all benefited from the excellent work he has done over the years to keep us informed of what's going on in and around Boston through his weekly events updates. I've learned so much from Paul and proud to call him a friend as well as a colleague in the industry!"


Betty Salemme, the longtime concierge at the Seaport Hotel (and past president of the Greater Boston Concierge Association) succinctly refers to Paul as “Mr. Boston.” That’s as apt a moniker as one could come up with to capture Paul’s essential role in providing information to visitors.  Paul’s Picks are just one component of his overall contribution.  As Betty states, “His dedication, service and commitment to the hospitality industry is truly legendary. Paul provided us with vital information as the GBCVB’s Visitor Services Supervisor who worked tirelessly to prepare needed updates, ideas and city bulletins. His vast knowledge of all things Boston and beyond is truly remarkable.  In 2015 I was thrilled to celebrate Paul with the first GBCA Exceptional Service Award Recognition. He is eternally my companion, colleague and champion.”


As the GBCVB Visitor Services Department adapts to a world without Paul’s weekly list of events, the organization is determined to maintain the spirit of that list and the key information that it provides.  The list will be re-named as a “Local Picks” document, but there will be ongoing and periodic homages to Paul to celebrate his legacy as the original author.  The GBCVB is forever thankful to Paul for his lasting impact, creative energies, unflagging enthusiasm, and visitor-focused perspective.  In retirement, he has been missed, but he has made an indelible impression on all who worked alongside him.


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