The gamut of emotions that I've experienced since my city was attacked has ranged from shock and horror to outrage and dejection. The brazen act of violence is almost too much to comprehend, the sadness almost too much to bear. But there has been a potent counterbalance to help my fellow Bostonians and me muddle through this tragedy. Seeing the ways that people have responded has been inspiring and uplifting. From the selfless acts of bravery in the immediate aftermath at the Marathon finish line to the random acts of kindness that have followed in the wake of the event, it's plain to see that people (and if you'll allow me a moment of pride, especially the people of Boston) are generally good and kind.

The reaction from folks beyond Boston has been heartening as well. It may sound a bit silly, but the sight of an electronic sign at Yankee Stadium showing the New York Yankees and Boston Red Sox logos side by side with the words, "New York Stands with Boston," nearly brought me to tears. Don't get me wrong. I'll be, um, exclaiming my displeasure to the Yankees the next time the two teams meet, but for now, the team that we love to boo is simply the team that we love. And that's the point. We do stand united with the Yankees and all good and decent people. We're all patriots. How odd that this terrible event happened on Patriots' Day. We celebrate the holiday here in the state to commemorate the "Shot Heard 'Round the World," as Ralph Waldo Emerson described the Massachusetts battles that began the American Revolution. It was a different kind of blast the world heard a couple of days ago. Boston skyline

So what can you do in response to this senseless tragedy? Be a patriot. If you want to directly help the people who were injured on Monday, donate to One Fund Boston. If you want to connect with history and learn more about the American Revolution and the early days of our country, visit Boston. If you want to explore incredible museums, enjoy world-class performances, savor sumptuous dining, be pampered by the finest hotels, and otherwise revel in one of the most wonderful cities on the planet, visit Boston. If you want to let those who think they can make us cower know that we will not be intimidated, visit Boston. If you want to stand in solidarity with the good and decent people of our great city, visit Boston.

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