The lights are always bright and festive at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. But visitors taking nighttime strolls through the historic shopping, dining, and entertainment district are in for a real treat when Summer Blink! A Light and Sound Extravaganza springs to life. (Fun Boston fact: Now de rigeur in most major cities, Faneuil Hall was the country's first urban open marketplace.)

The show features a bazillion (OK, about 350,000, if you want to get technical about it) lights rocking out to the classic rock tune, "Dirty Water," by The Standells. High-tech LED lights strung to trees, poles, and buildings in the South Market blink in sync with the old-school song. Punctuated by the lyrics, "Oh, Boston you're my home," the mid-1960s' tune has become one of the city's unofficial anthems.

Blink! began last year as a winter holiday show, and this marks its first summer version. In addition to the shops, restaurants, bars, and other venues, the lively marketplace is always buzzing with busking musicians, jugglers, magicians, dancers, and a host of entertainers. Blink! offers a great coda to a fun summer evening at Faneuil Hall. In conjunction with the show, some of the shops and restaurants are offering Blink! special offers.

Get a taste of Summer Blink in this video:

Summer Blink!
Starting at 8 p.m. nightly through Labor Day, 2013
South Market at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, Boston

Photo: Faneuil Hall Marketplace