Durgin-Park Whether you are a local jetting off for a getaway or a visitor making your way home, you may find yourself at Logan Airport with time on your hands. Sitting on the quasi-comfortable seats in the terminals as CNN talking heads blare interminably from overhead monitors and barely comprehensible PA announcements interrupt every few moments can be a soul-sucking experience (especially when the PA announcements involve delays to your flight -- ugh).

You could escape the terminal tedium by getting something to eat. While Logan has its share of the usual restaurant chain suspects, there are a surprising number of local eateries represented throughout the airport. It may not be exactly the same as heading into town and soaking up the charm of the original dining spots, but it is possible to get some satisfying and authentic Boston chow while you wait for your plane to arrive. The latest restaurant to set up shop in Logan is Durgin-Park. I don't know whether the food servers are as crotchety (in their own delightful way) as the legendary waitresses at the Faneuil Hall Marketplace location, but I do know you can order Yankee pot roast, clam chowder, and other items featured on the menu of the original, venerable restaurant. Tip: If the TSA folks confiscate your beverage, you may want to ask the (hopefully not too crotchety) servers for an extra drink to wash down the delicious-but-dry Durgin-Park Johnny cakes.

Speaking of clam chowder, Legal Sea Foods has two locations at the airport, a Legal C Bar and a Legal Test Kitchen. Other Boston-centric places to grab a bite include Todd English's Bonfire and Lucky's Lounge. Wherever you choose to dine at Logan, chances are good that your meal will be significantly better than the stuff they serve on your flight. Oh wait. They don't really serve food on airplanes anymore, do they?

Photo: The original Durgin-Park at Faneuil Hall Marketplace. Durgin-Park.