After making relatively short work of the Tampa Bay Rays in the ALDS, our boys of summer have been having a tougher time this fall contending with the Tigers pitching aces in the ALCS. The Red Sox dropped the first game, and things were looking pretty grim in their second matchup at Fenway Park -- until the clutch hitter to end all clutch hitters, David Ortiz, sent an eighth-inning grand slam rocket into the bullpen to tie the game. The Sox went on to win the game and tie the series with a walk-off ground ball single in the ninth.

But it was the soaring Big Papi fly ball that caused pandemonium among the Fenway faithful. As it turns out, Ortiz's ball wasn't the only thing to make its way into the bullpen. Tigers outfielder Torii Hunter made a dramatic leap for the ball and tumbled, head first, into the Sox bullpen. That's poor Hunter, seen from his belt up in a now-classic Boston Globe photo above. Next to him is one of Boston's finest, Steve Horgan, showing his appreciation for the turn of events.

Between the bullpen cop's (who knew there was such a thing as a bullpen cop?) open-armed jubilation, the wave-your-hands-in-the-air-like-you-just-don't-care euphoria of the fans in the stands (save that front-and-center woman in the pink cap; must be from Detroit), and the unfortunate juxtaposition of Hunter's momentum-can-be-a-bitch airborne legs, it looks like some demented version of the Village People's "YMCA" was being performed at Fenway Park.

The club's miraculous turnaround this year, punctuated by a series of late-inning, come-from-behind heroics all season long, has enthralled Red Sox Nation, and will forever be encapsulated in this stunning, if wildly wacky postseason image. From now on, if things look grim for the Victorino People, Sox fans can just think of the photo and start singing, "...there's no need to feel down." Hunter, however, may want to get himself off the ground.