Need to get away from the city life? Hop aboard the elegant Troca One, Troca’s newest 108’ luxury motor yacht. Troca One can cater to all of your private event desires with the extravagance of cruising the seas. Whether its two people on a romantic getaway, or 35 for a business excursion, Troca’s professional crew will ensure your event and ride runs smoothly. Once aboard Troca One you won’t want to get off, which is perfectly fine since the yacht is also a boutique hotel offering overnight stays.

Troca one features several vantage points that ensure you have a memorable time on board. Start on the top deck, which provides a spectacular view during your cruise; it is semi-open and can accommodate a medium-sized group of people. There is also aTroca 2 table behind the captain’s chair for those who wish to dine or just hang out in an open atmosphere. Directly below the top deck is the mid deck and a spacious indoor lounge area. Guests can choose to relax in this room, or perhaps dine in the quaint dining room attached to it. Beyond the dining room is the bow area, which has a cushioned seat to provide guests a unique and comfortable spot during their voyage.  Below deck, Troca One has four luxurious bedrooms available for those who wish to spend the night. These bedrooms have various accommodations and are perfect for anyone looking to spend a night on the water.  The accommodations and crew of Troca One allow guests to unwind for a special night on the ocean. Book your event now and experience Troca One.