Beacon Hill

Beacon Hill is one of the antique and charming neighborhoods in Boston. Wandering through the historic cobble-stoned roads lined with beautiful brown-stoned buildings of the area provides a picture perfect experience. You can also learn more about Boston's cross cultural background by exploring the African American Heritage Trail.

Beacon Hill Conde Nast

The Freedom Trail 

Experience the journey of the American revolution. The 2.5 mile red brick line of The Freedom Trail winds through out the city of Boston guiding you to all of the historic sites of our nations beginnings. This trail is not only great for a iconic history lesson but also to experience Boston's downtown life with the many great restaurants, bars and shops along the way. 


Photo by: @frederic.aj


The Rose Kennedy Greenway 

Formerly a "Highway in the Sky", now the "People's Park". The Rose Kennedy Greenway offers a 17 acre contemporary park that cuts through Boston's downtown. From local art installations, cultural destinations, colorful carousels with local critters, food trucks, beer and wine gardens, fountains and more, the Greenway promotes a space for visitors to gather, play, unwind and explore. 

Fun Fact: As part of their sustainable park initiative, this park is also home to various beehives kept in safe places away from harm.


Photo Credit to: kaleegen84


The Boston Public Garden 

Welcome to the oldest botanical garden in the US! The Boston Public Garden is located right next to the Boston Common and offers an incredible space to wander through the winding path ways while enjoying the variety of botanical life, relax with friends by the pond, visit the ducklings, or take a cruise on the famous Swan Boats. 

Boston Public Garden

The Waterfront

Experience where the ocean meets the city! The Boston Harborwalk stretches 40 miles along the coast and provides a peaceful atmosphere for people to gather and enjoy breath-taking views of the harbor. 

Fan Pier Sunset