Shear Madness is a classic example of how to teach old dogs new tricks. Not one show is the same. Yes, it takes place in a hair salon, someone is murdered, and the audience plays a key role in determining how the show plays out.  If it sounds redundant don't be fooled! There is a reason this show has been going on as long as it has - it is hysterical and it changes every night! Shear Madness has been running in Boston so long its theater lives on a street unofficially named after the show. Pretty impressive.

Your attention is immediately captured as you walk into the intimate Charles Playhouse Theater and you hear the 50's & 60's music playing. On the particular night I went, we settled in with a smaller crowd (it was a Tuesday night) with a beer in hand. The bar is conveniently located steps from any seat. Do not let that mislead you, though, as this show can be enjoyed whether you are in your eighties or about to finish eighth grade. The first time I ever saw this show, I was in the eighth grade and  I remember finding it hilarious, so I was eager to see how this experience would parallel. What is so great about attending a Shear Madness performance is that the material is relevant to  pop culture and embraces current events; from Hillary's emails to black and blue dresses (or was it white and gold?) the show brilliantly stands the test of time

Then the music played out and the Shear Madness Unisex Hairstyling Salon became the center of attention.  I will leave the specifics out for your own enjoyment, but you are sure to be humored by Mikey, skeptical of Eddie, jealous of Mrs. Shubert, charmed by Tony, intrigued by Barbara, and endeared by Nick. As intermission rolls around you get a chance to interact with the characters.  And before the curtain goes down YOU decide who is guilty of murder!

The Charles Playhouse 617-426-5225