By the time Legos were introduced and started catching on in the U.S., I was a bit too old to play with the brightly colored snap-together toys. But along with about a gazillion other kids, my boys certainly had bucketfuls of the ubiquitous plastic blocks. Chances are that you did also (unless you are also in the throes of geezerhood, in which case I empathize).

Were you a Lego whiz kid? Would you like to revert back to your childhood and build Lego dioramas for a living? No kidding. This could be your ticket to a life of blissful, socially acceptable arrested development. But first you have to win a competition.

Here's the deal: Legoland Discovery Center, an indoor, sort-of mini theme park is coming to Boston (Somerville's Assembly Row, actually) in May 2014 and is seeking a master model builder to join its full-time staff. The winning candidate will help construct scale Lego models of famous Boston and New England scenes to be displayed at the attraction's "Miniland." (I wonder whether the Lego folks will commission a special set of bricks to match the signature color of Fenway Park's green monster?) He or she will also work alongside children coming to the center in the fine art of Lego fabrication and, I suppose, share the passion of the satisfying click that the bricks make with the young builders.

The rather unique application process for this rather unique position involves entering Brick Factor, a public competition to be held January 25 and 26, 2014 at the Boston Public Library. (Relax. Despite the name, to the best of my knowledge, Simon Cowell will NOT be among the judges to publicly berate and humiliate you in his annoying British accent.) Contestants will try to out-wow one another by crafting Lego models. The winner will get the gig.

Interested? Get more info and an online application at Legoland's site. The deadline for submitting the application is January 15, 2014. So, you'd better um, snap to it.

Photo: Legoland Discovery Center