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Risk Mitigation

To achieve risk mitigation, businesses operating in the travel and visitor economy should modify operations, repurpose public and outdoor spaces, and update employee practices to help protect employees and customers.*

GBCVB member companies should create and adopt strategies to reduce the risk of COVID-19 transmission. Congested, high-traffic areas must be adapted, business operations updated, and employee guidelines enhanced. All measures should reflect CDC best practices and protocols.

Travel businesses strategies should include:

  • Mandating hand hygiene

  • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE)

  • Installing physical barriers

  • Sanitizing high-touch areas frequently

  • Altering business hours to ensure thorough cleaning and sanitation periods

  • Encouraging physical distancing with clear signage in common areas

  • Reconfiguring public spaces to discourage crowd congregation

  • Limiting physical contact between staff and customers via online ordering, curbside

    service delivery, automated ticketing and entry capabilities

  • Producing new employee training modules to guarantee compliance with all public

    health and safety guidelines

GBCVB members should create and innovate new methods of touchless interaction to reduce transmission risks while ensuring seamless and enjoyable visitor experiences

Partners should consider modifying the following:

  • Ticket processing

  • Identification display

  • Check-in procedures

  • Payment transactions

  • Ordering and pick-up services

    Travelers and travel businesses must work in concert, as partners, to reduce transmission risk, which means businesses should offer resources to help customers to monitor and screen their own health, including:

  • Signage that describes COVID-19 symptoms

  • Guidance to local public health resources in case testing or treatment is needed

  • Materials describing good health and hygiene practices

  • Communications that encourage travelers to stay home or postpone trips if they are

    not feeling well

Should an employee or customer test positive, travel businesses should follow an appropriate checklist of actions in response, and consider third-party certification to indicate to travelers and employees that they are adhering to the properly prescribed measures to achieve risk mitigation.

*The Risk Mitigation section reflects recommendations put forth in U.S. Travel’s document Travel in the New Normal.