There's something so intimate and mysterious about sipping craft cocktails at a local speakeasy. Whether it’s the swanky atmosphere or the thrill of uncovering the door and knowing the password that appeals to you, Boston has plenty of hidden bars and restaurants for you to discover.



Location: Public Alley 443, Boston

Dedicated to the Greek goddess of magic and witchcraft, Hecate’s spirit guides (commonly known as bartenders) craft libations that will transport you to a modern world of elixirs. Featuring a menu full of cocktails inspired by ancient mythology and bites made with locally sourced ingredients, this is a go-to destination for those seeking one of the most unique drinking experiences Boston has to offer. With only 24 seats, visitors should expect a wait to get in. But try to remember Hecate’s 7th Tenet: “Be patient, excellence takes time!” 

What to know: Vodka sodas can only be ordered from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. Hecate opens at 5:00 pm.



Location: 5 Utica Street, Boston

No password. No dress code. No boring drinks. Now that’s a mantra we can get behind. Featuring a menu of hand-crafted cocktails like “Trick of the Light” (also known as mountain dew for grownups), “Hired Gun,” “Vibe Check,” and a very classy name for their espresso martinis, Offsuit is the perfect stop to mix up your traditional going-out experience. While they do welcome walk-ins, reservations are encouraged.

What to know: When you find the door, call, don’t knock. 


Carrie Nation Cocktail Club

Location: 11 Beacon Street, Boston

Named after the infamous prohibitionist, Carrie Nation (Hatchet and all!), this speakeasy in the heart of Beacon Hill shows that the essence of the 20s is still alive and well in Boston. Slip through the red velvet curtain, found just beyond the main dining rooms, past the bar and down a corridor, to discover Boston’s original speakeasy. Featuring an elegant, windowless lounge with plush leather seating, dark polished wood, billiards and a full bar serving era-inspired concoctions, Carrie Nation Cocktail Club is the perfect location for your next date night!

What to know: Make sure to have a twenty spot, secret handshake or password to enter!



Location: 292 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

What do you get when you pair a secret bar with the nostalgia of a 90s-themed arcade? A4cade, of course! Featuring a menu of hand-crafted cocktails like the “You Are Like Papa,” “She Doesn’t Even Go Here” and “Bird Is The Word,” and games like pinball, Mario Kart and Ms. Pacman, this speakeasy is the perfect stop for anyone who loves all things nerdy and nostalgic. Plus, you can even order food from the popular Roxy’s Grilled Cheese!

What to know: A4cade is accessible through the freezer door at Roxy’s Grilled Cheese!


The Gallery at Yvonne’s Restaurant & Supper Club

Location: 2 Winter Place, Boston

The Gallery at Yvonne’s is a pop culture lover’s dream. Concealed behind a secret bookshelf at the back of the restaurant’s Library Lounge, this seven-table speakeasy offers a truly intimate dining experience featuring playful pop cultural references, an award-winning menu and an exclusive selection of wine and champagne. 

What to know: With only seven tables, reservations for The Gallery are only available by special request. 


1928 Beacon Hill

Location: 97 Mount Vernon Street, Boston

While not technically a speakeasy, 1928 Beacon Hill’s prohibition-esque menu and 1920s vibes make it the perfect addition to this list. Featuring classic New England American cuisine in an antique-filled atmosphere reminiscent of a 20s speakeasy, the restaurant is the perfect stop for your next intimate outing. The Best part? You get to experience speakeasy vibes throughout three dining areas without the seating limitations of a traditional speakeasy.


Next Door Speakeasy & Raw Bar

Location: 107 Porter Street, Boston

Next Door Speakeasy & Raw Bar might have our favorite entrance on this list. Disguised as a locksmith shop sharing a building with Pazza on Porter, you'll enter the speakeasy through a completely hidden mechanized door on Pazza's patio. With a simple wave of a hand, the door automatically opens, allowing guests to head to the second door, where they'll give the password of the night. If the password is correct, you'll be guided to an upscale cocktail bar featuring light-up, smoking and bubbling cocktails.

What to know: Reservations are required for entrance to the speakeasy.


Brick & Mortar

Location: 567 Massachusetts Ave, Cambridge

Hidden upstairs, behind an unmarked door in Central Square, you’ll discover Brick & Mortar, a dimly lit speakeasy that makes every night feel like a party. With innovative cocktails like "duck, you sucka!”, “electric Kool-Aid acid test” and “her majesty’s secret service,” it’s no wonder why this hidden cocktail joint was named one of the best bars in America! Featuring industrial brick walls and timeless charm, Brick & Mortar promises a memorable night out.

What to know: Brick & Mortar has no sign. Look for the large door at 567 Massachusetts Ave.



Location: 7 Sanborn Court, Boston

Wander to the alley between The Independent and Bronwyn in Union Square, and you’ll stumble upon Backbar, a nearly hidden cocktail bar where quaint and quirky vibes meet artfully crafted cocktails. Featuring cocktails inspired by comic books and superheroes like “Ms. Marvel,” “Green Lantern’s Light” and “Mother of Madness,” this is a must-visit for any of you self-proclaimed nerds out there! If you’re looking for an even more exclusive experience, make sure to book a spirit tasting in their Closet Bar. 

What to know: Backbar does not accept reservations.