Cambridge Squares

Cambridge is fondly referred to as the City of Squares.  The “squares” of Cambridge are charming neighborhoods rich in fine dining, eclectic shopping, theaters, museums and historical sites. You will find 5 squares, including Harvard Square, Kendall Square and Central Square along the Red line subway route in Cambridge.

Cambridge is famed for a couple of notable colleges – you might have heard of them, Harvard University and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, MIT for short.  These elite schools are located within 2 miles of each other, settled near the banks of the Charles River.  Both universities house renowned museum collections and offer tours that are open to the public.

Beyond education, Cambridge offers a diverse musical scene, a creative art culture and eclectic, multicultural dining.

While you are visiting Boston, make sure you pop across the river and explore the squares of Cambridge.

Thank you Cambridge Office for Tourism for these unique descriptions of the Cambridge Squares.