Massachusetts joined seventeen other states in forming a commission to promote the commemoration of the American Revolution. The appropriations bill (H 4000) which Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker signed, also created the Massachusetts Commission on the 250th Anniversary of the American Revolution. The Massachusetts commission’s 35 members — leaders in the historical, cultural, tourism and political sectors — will partner with the other states and with the federal America 250 Commission to commemorate, celebrate and investigate the will and determination of the people 250 years ago who risked their “lives, liberty, and property” for the cause of American Independence.

• 225th Anniversary of the U.S.S Constitution – October 21, 2022

• 250th Anniversary of the Boston Tea Party – December 2023

• 250th Anniversary of Paul Revere's Ride – April 2025

• 250th Anniversary of Battle of Bunker Hill – June 2025

• 250th Anniversary of Evacuation Day – March 2026

• 250th Anniversary of Declaration of Independence – July 2026