Things to Do in Roxbury

For over 250 years, Roxbury has been an essential ingredient in the story of Boston as a pioneering and world-class city. It was in Roxbury where Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. ministered at the 12th Baptist Church, where Malcolm X lived with his sister during his formative years, and where jazz musicians defined the genre. In the middle decades of the 20th Century, no other area in Boston, except for perhaps downtown, rivaled Roxbury as a bustling commercial and cultural hub.

Roxbury celebrates community culture through visual and performance arts at the Roxbury Center and the Museum of the National Center for African-American Artists. Nubian Square is a dynamic intersection of public art, retail shops, bookstores, eclectic cafes, and restaurants. The creative economy is alive in Roxbury, and the neighborhood is both a canvas for artistic expression and an incubator of those energies. Read More

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Top Activities in Roxbury

  • 2136 Washington Street
  • (617) 293-8609

Black Market Gallery will serve as an anchor platform for special exhibitions and projects showcasing Art from an African diasporan lens. Our mission is to increase art equity, diverse representation and inclusive access while exciting patrons and cultivating new enthusiasts. We…

  • 184 Dudley Street
  • (617) 541-3900

Hibernian Hall is the cultural economic development program of Madison Park Development Corporation (MPDC). More than just a program, it is "your home for arts in the heart of Boston," the destination to enjoy a range of performances that celebrate the contemporary art and…

  • Roxbury,Dorchester and Jamaica Plain Neighborhoods
  • (617) 286-6577

Live Like A Local Tours is a series of walking and chartered tours that allows people to explore the Food, history & culture of Roxbury, Dorchester and Jamaica Plain.

  • 300 Walnut Avenue
  • (617) 442-8614

The Museum of the National Center of Afro American Artists (NCAAA) celebrates the visual arts heritage of African cultures and the African diaspora worldwide. The Museum presents a wide range of historical and contemporary exhibitions in many media, including painting, sculpture…

  • 20 Eustis Street

Roxbury is known as the center of African American culture in Boston and New England. The district has strong ties to jazz, as well as early leaders of the civil rights movement. It is the geographic center of Boston. The Roxbury Cultural District includes Nubian Square and John…

Additional Activities

The Shirley-Eustis House is located in Roxbury near Nubian Square, providing a tourism destination for the Roxbury community, as well as a unique resource for residents. The Shirley-Eustis House Association seeks to engage the broadest community in understanding the role of Shirley Place since its construction as a Royal Governor’s mansion in 1747, as it reflects the beginning of our nation and the history of Roxbury and Boston. 

Frugal Bookstore: This family-owned and operated bookstore has helped amplify black voices for over a decade across Boston and beyond. Check their calendar for upcoming after-hours events.

Long Live Roxbury Taproom: Rhode Island's Long Live Beerworks recently opened their second location in Boston. Enjoy a wide variety of tasty brews as well as food options from several local food trucks. 

Where To Eat In Roxbury​

  • 13 Warren Street

We make it easy for hosting any small or big events, business functions or office luncheon with a special blend of foods that is sure to impress and please. Dudley Café is a community hub. We work with local youth programs, schools, community organizations, and businesses.

Additional Restaurants

Ashur Restaurant: Ashur Restaurant offers a fusion of both Arabic and African traditional dishes, such as the classic Chicken Shawarma and savory Lamb Biryani. 

Maxine's on Saint James: Indulge in the rich flavors of traditional Southern dishes, featuring mouthwatering classics like Crispy Chicken and Waffles, Shrimp and Chicken Gumbo, and Maxine's famous Jambalaya.

Merengue Restaurant: Merengue Restaurant offers a flavorful Caribbean cuisine featuring modern twists of classic Dominican dishes, such as their Chimifongo Burger and Calamari in coconut sauce, as well as traditional favorites.  

Nos Casa: Nos Casa is known for their authentic Cape Verdean cuisine. Their menu showcases a variety of savory dishes, including classic favorites like Jagacida, Cuscus, and Katchupa.

P&R: P&R Restaurant & Ice Cream Parlor offers the best of both worlds. Indulge in the vibrant flavors of the Caribbean at this Jamaican food restaurant and complete your dining experience with a cool, tasty treat. 

Slade's Bar & Grill: Slade's Bar & Grill offers a diverse range of experiences, including a delectable soul food menu, a full bar, live R&B and Jazz bands, a dance floor, exciting comedy nights, and more.

Suja Joint: Suja Joint is known for its delicious West African cuisine, bar, and lounge area, as well as its catering and private event services. 


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