From Dedham Square to Davis Square, through Arlington Center and along Moody Street in Waltham, the recently launched #MyLocalMA campaign is both a question and a call to action. The question is – how do we embrace and enhance our sense of community during these difficult times? The answer: investment. With our dollars, we can bolster Main Street businesses and maintain the commercial and cultural vibrancy of our communities. This is what #MyLocalMA aims to achieve, it is a unique marketing message that encourages Massachusetts’ residents to spend in their own backyards because that is what community is all about.


MyLocalMa flyer


Please share your stories with us @visitboston. Share your pictures, your ideas, your neighborhood itineraries, events and the diverse personalities that make up the eclectic fabric of our region. Tell us which shops, restaurants, hotels, and attractions to experience, and how these experiences drive back to a sense of community. This is #MyLocalMA and the Greater Boston Convention & Visitors Bureau is here to tell the story and add new chapters.