Will Isaza

Birds of Paradise, Café Gloria Coffee & Espresso Bar 

"With the revolving college and university population, Boston's Food Scene has always been rotating and constantly evolving. Post-pandemic, you can definitely sense the slight shift in population, with Boston being a hub for the Bio-Med industry. What this means for the food scene is that the guest base is now looking for elevated experiences both within the food but also in the form of hospitality. More high-quality restaurants and bars are now making a roaring comeback, and our community is being exposed to a much wider range of guests."

Will Isaza, owner of Birds of Paradise.
Drink being made at Birds of Paradise


Born and raised in East Boston, MA, Will enjoys exploring his South American background through his cocktail creations. In addition to traveling around the globe for guest bar shifts, competitions, and seminars, Will has cemented himself in the Boston cocktail scene as not only a mentor, but operator of multiple nationally renowned cocktail bars.


  • 2022 Boston Magazine Best New Cocktail Bar - Birds of Paradise  
  • 2019 Bacardi Legacy Cocktail Champion - USA - Top 16 Global Finalist 
  • 2018 Vinepair 10 Best New Cocktail Bars - The Northeast - Blossom Bar 
  • 2018 IBA Pan American Cocktail Championship - USA - Flair Division 
  • 2018 Diageo World Class Northeast Regional Finalist 
  • 2016 Woodford Reserve Manhattan Experience Winner - Boston 
  • 2015 Zagat's 30 Under 30 - Boston 


  • 525 Western Ave #12

Birds of Paradise is a cocktail bar inspired by the golden age of travel. Each cocktail is inspired by two destinations where we take inspiration from cultural ingredients and put our creative spin to deliver a drinking experience that will transport you with each sip. Their food…

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